︎︎︎María José Fuentes

Architectural Designer 
︎︎︎Based in Philadelphia, PA

María José is an architectural designer at KieranTimberlake. Her personal work revolves around equitable design strategies, community integration, and the architectural performance of color. Graduating from The Weitzman School of Design in 2021, she has been featured in numerous online and printed publications such as SuckerPUNCH Daily, Pressing Matters 8, 9 and 10, and A+D Magazine’s Impact. She has been a member of Penn Women in Design for the entirety of her time in school and previously held a PR and Marketing chair position. Most recently, she was working on her thesis involving colorful and human-centered architectural authorship in West Philadelphia. She has won numerous awards throughout her academic career from her interests in writing, mentorship, and image-making. These include the E. Lewis Dales Traveling Fellowship and the Weitzman School of Design Diversity Scholarship. In 2021, her work and portfolio were selected by Metropolis Magazine as a Figure100 Competition winner, and was featured in their March/April issue.
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