The Urban Canyon

“Grey areas are unexamined territories (leftover spaces) between and under our common beliefs. If you can approach these from another angle, then you’re able to deconstruct their apparent normality. ...That our culture is predominantly visual is obvious. …What alternatives then might be possible when we privilege other senses beyond the seeing?”

-Giovanna Borasi

Our project proposes to re-create and infiltrate traditional gallery spaces with environmental biomes and art residencies to create a new hybrid typology for the 21st century museum. We define biomes as place-making rooms of environmental change which oscillate between natural and artificial. This is seen through the lens of non-anthropocentric agencies. These biomes could be Virtual Biomes, plant incubators, or homes to synthetic art. Paola Antonelli’s Broken Nature exhibition influenced the project’s ethos which stresses the positive outcome of museums being curated through a fluid institutional approach; encompassing both the natural and the imaginative in order to accumulate an applicable data set to mindfully continue conversations surrounding the anthropocene.

Our collection of images reflects on Borasi’s Museum
Is not Enough concept of “gray areas”. This allowed us to think of a museum institution more fluidly; as a series of biomes that allow for different natural moments to exist in muddled binaries with the artificial.

Overall, the building is one that hopes to set a new precedent for what sort of natures, stories, and ideas deem a space. The urban canyon sets out to carve out a public space for the pedestrian, as well as informing inhabitants of what could be artificial, what is nature, and how we find ourselves in the mix as humans.

© María José Fuentes
Algunas veces, las historias más invisibles son las más preciosas.